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Thanks so much for stopping by!  My name is Azahar (orange blossom in Spanish) and I am an avid traveler, culture-holic, daily yoga student and teacher, creation-addict, and happiness seeker.

Saint Mary's Glacier Hike, Colorado

Hiking Saint Mary’s Glacier in Colorado

Even though I was born abroad in Mexico (to a Minnesotan multi-media artist mother and Mexican movement-instructor biological father), and raised in Minnesota, I didn’t get my first taste of true international travel until the age of 18 when I traveled with my high school best friend to the Cayman Islands for 12 days (not counting a road trip to Canada at age seven!).
I was bit by the travel bug, sprinkled with the wanderlust dust, found my nomadic exploration bone, and dreamed of living abroad thereafter.

I took my very first major leap of faith and headed directly to Denver for college in search of an International Business degree, and thought I finally relieved my itchy travel feet when I lived in Spain for four months during my sophomore year.  It took me three years total to graduate with my BS; and still under that travel spell, I faith-leaped to South Korea for my MBA in Cultural Management.

Seoul, Korea Travel

My South Korean hood in Seoul

I first began my yoga practice in South Korea (MAJOR leap of faith to try out yoga for the first time, taught in a foreign language!), despite the language barrier (or perhaps because of it) I connected deeply with the breath and movement of each class.  The practice took hold of me, and I understood immediately this would be a major part of my life forever.

After two years in Seoul, I returned to Denver, intent to “settle down” and dive into the corporate world until retirement.
That dissolved quickly when I realized I measured my success and happiness in three ways:

1. Every New Years Eve with the number of countries I’d visited the past 12 months,
and the new growth experiences I’d had through those portals. 

2. If I had created anything with my hands in the past month
(writing, painting, photography, crafts, food, you name it. Creating ANYTHING made a huge difference). 

3.  If I had made time for yoga that day.

I fixed #3 by becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2010, and connected to the yoga community that understood the  life energy that comes from yoga.  I taught weekly classes and immersed in any extra yoga training I could on the side.   #2 was all about just insuring I made the time for me, it makes me a nicer person, and adds something to the world at large.
#1 was a bit more complicated. I judged myself for this obsession I had for experiencing new places and cultures, and felt trapped by what I thought I was supposed to do with my life (corner office + husband + kids by a certain age).

23 countries, living abroad in five, daily creating, and trying something new like yoga taught me:

1. It is not simply a phase – call the need to travel what you want – that desire will last forever
2. Time and space to create is non-negotiable
3. My obsession with a barefoot-friendly job is not outlandish notion, there are people like me out there (usually called yogis)

Wanderlust Travel

Wanderlusting in the airplane. Somewhere over the Caribbean…

I have since learned to release my control and trust the universe has an amazing way of coming together, to be grateful every day for the little things and to watch for the serendipitous moments that bring people and events into my life.

I took my most recent leap of faith and returned to explore Europe in March of this year (of course to meet up with the German boyfriend – everyone needs the experience of an intercultural relationship!).

My work dances at the intersection of freelance writing, social media marketing, ESL international business consulting/editing, and teaching yoga.

You will usually find me reading, writing, yoga-ing, finding a patch of sun to crawl into, sipping coffee, tea or wine, and constantly hungry for the next international meal.

Join me as I dig through all the world has to offer in lessons of leaps of faith with travel, yoga, creating, and learning to practice happiness.  Leaps of faith may be scary, but make life one worth living.
Let’s inspire each other to live the juiciest, fullest, most delicious life possible.

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So – what is your biggest leap of faith? 
Tell me yours or if you have any questions, drop me a line at azahamos{at}aol{dot}com

~Happy leap of faithing~
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